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10 High-Paying Jobs That Didn’t Exist 20 Years Ago

No matter what you are doing with your life right now, your current job will look relatively very different from its current scenario. This happens in every industry as old jobs tend to lose the attraction and get replaced by some new ones due to the developing technology.

Today we are sharing 10 awesome jobs which didn’t exist 20 years ago but are now being adopted by people all over the world. Most of these are because of growth Internet has seen. So, don’t wait for more and have a look:

1. App Developer

Every business is moving to apps. If you have the skills to make one, there is a big demand. These jobs are meant to increase in the future as internet is expanding to new countries and one can develop an app being a freelancer too

2. Virtual Assistant

Assistant is someone who can help people in managing their schedules and doing multiple important regular tats like picking up calls and answering clients. Now, this can be done from home also except maybe bringing the payer a coffee. Virtual Assistant, as the name suggests, is a secretary on the virtual platform who can run your day-to-day task smoothly.

3. Digital Marketing Expert

With the way e-commerce is expanding in India, the need of digital marketer has increased more than ever. Online marketers help brands to create and implement marketing strategies for the online audience as banners customers spend most of the time scrolling on their smartphones.

4. SEO Expert

Optimizing keywords to push a website to a highlighted position may be an essential job now but was unheard of 20 years back.

5. Jobs related with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing according to experts in the digital world. What looked like fiction in the Hollywood movies is converting into reality very quickly and even today there are a number of jobs based on AI.

6. Uber/Ola driver

The app-based cab business started around 2009-10 when companies started to launch this business model. This has given jobs to lakhs of people across the globe and they can work whenever thay want and are earning handsome profits.

7. Cloud computing specialist

Every information is getting stored with cloud computing now and the use of physical devices for data storage will end soon. The term ‘cloud computing’ emerged in 2006 during a conference where Eric Schmidt described Google’s approach to software as ‘cloud computing’.

8. Data analyst/data scientist

With tonnes of Gigabytes getting stored every day, the demand of workers to analyse data has seen tremendous growth in last 4-5 years.

9. Drone operators

The market for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has grown rapidly and has created job opportunities for drone operators.

10. Online Community Manager

The duty of an Online Community Manager is to ensure that the reputation of a company in the online world remains positive across all the platforms as people check the reviews and comments before doing any business with the company both online and offline. It requires a diverse skill set including social media management, marketing, PR and customer support.