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2.0 gears up for 29-Nov release and serious on normal tickets pricing!

Interestingly Reasonable Pricing for 2.0 US Shows

US market has become as important as their own for the Indian films. Considering the same, 2.0 makers have set a reasonable price for the US shows with the target of attracting a good number of audience at the theaters. Check out the pricing chart below.

Compared to Rajamouli’s last Baahubali 2, the prices of 2.0 looks dead reasonable including the Tamil version. Baahubali 2 prices were so high and there was also negativity on the pricing, but people ended up thronging to the theaters anyway making BB2 make a humongous 22 Million gross in the US collections.

In a way this is only for good. If 2.0 goes for higher pricing there is a danger of backfiring too, considering all the tiring delays and the craze on the film. They started the game on a safe side but the budget that they invested in the film needs the grand collections at the box offices. With the move is hitting the theaters on 29th, let’s see what is the fate of the costliest film of India.

2.0 Tamil Version

Premiere Show & Regular Show
2D – $25 & $20
3D – $30 & $25
IMAX – $33 & $30

2.0 Telugu Version

Premiere Show & Regular Show
2D – $20 & $15
3D – $25 & $20
IMAX – $28 & $25

Meanwhile Rajini Gets Harsh with His Fan Club

With Rajini’s most awaited highly budgeted film 2.0 is around the corner and the Super Star is making some headlines with his warning to his own fan clubs. The actor cum politician seems to be fed up with the black market that has been the sibling of the cinema for years.

Especially, when it is the Super Star’s film release, the black sheep in the name of Fan clubs have been making some good money by selling the tickets to shockingly higher prices. Now the hero releases a letter that warns the Fan Clubs not to sell tickets in black and stick to the prices that the government has fixed per ticket.

While the makers are hanging on to reasonable prices to attract as much audience as they can, it is obviously unfair for the black market guys to earn more than the originals. On the other hand, the Tamil rockers who have become a pain in the wrong place to the cinema people have challenged again that they would release the pirated version of 2.0 just on the release day as if the film has suffered enough troubles. Whatever they do pirates and the Black market guys are finding their way. There is no way Rajini’s warning is going to work.