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2.0 Is Next Level Baasha

Rajinikanth on his stardom and spirituality.

Super Star Rajinikanth is currently getting ready to show his star power with his upcoming entertainer 2.0 on Nov 29. Speaking to scribes he shared secrets about stardom and spirituality.

About stardom Rajinikanth said, “Every person will have few dreams. When those dreams come true, happiness cannot be put in words. Be it name, fame and money, joy will be immense when one achieves everything. However all such fame is a myth because everything is destined. Had I entered in 60s during Shivaji Ganesan and MGR’s time, I wouldn’t have got this stardom. All this is possible due to my producers and directors”.

On his simplicity, “How can I be called simple when I am traveling in BMW, staying in posh Poes Gardens in Chennai and eating in five star hotels?”.

On styles, “I don’t act to look stylish and I never did so. After acting in 3-4 films at the start of career, Balachander remarked ‘your plus points are your speed, action. Till now no one did it. You continue the same’. I am following his advice and that is my style.”

About his favorite heroines, “My favorite heroine is Fata Fat Jayalakshmi. Any heroine can turn glamorous but coming to character, acting and involvement, Fata Fat Jayalakshmi is my best pair. Even Radhika comes in the list.”

On people worshipping him as Super Star, he said, “Everything is Almighty’s wishes.”

About the best compliment he received, “After watching Basha, Big B Amitabh came to my house directly. Though I was not at house, he waited till I came and hugged me. ‘It should be done like this, you did wonderfully”. I cannot forget it even now. I like Basha for its screenplay. 2.0 screenplay has same magic like Basha.”

On his relation with Kamal, “Kamal was a big star when I entered the industry. He had immense craze among youth. Not only in Tamil Nadu, but also in Karnataka, Andhra and Kerala. I was awe stuck with his performance. Once I went with Kamal for shoot in a vehicle. I pinched myself to test whether this is true. Later I too blessed with stardom but it is not right that I crossed him. Kamal is Kamal and I am only after Kamal.

Rajini revealed Himalayas news saying, “It is a secret. Once I happened to see a film in a theatre in Bengaluru. It was houseful and I thought that no one watched me. But, while returning someone shouted ‘Thalaiva’. I was scared that someone recognized me. Later I knew that the person called someone else. From then on I decided and started going to Himalayas too in disguise.”