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6 Popular Brands That Have Never Spent Money On Traditional Marketing

Marketing and advertising can do wonders for any brand. Most of the big companies spend millions of rupees just on advertising. But, there are some names that have been very creative with their marketing methods that they have never spent a single rupee on the traditional ways of advertising. These companies run campaigns that interact with the audience in unique ways and makes them in improving their services and products. Have a look at some of such firms:

1. GoPro

Unlike other camera companies, GoPro has never focussed on making high-budgeted TV commercials. Getting user feedback online has helped them to grow in the market. Users have the option to upload the images and videos captured by the GoPro cameras.

2. Tupperware

Tupperware has achieved heights because the company aims at providing door-to-door service. Several housewives are working as ‘distributors of Tupperware on the commission basis. House products are mainly bought by ladies so using housewives as distributors is a great marketing strategy.

3. Old Monk

Old Monk is ruling Indian rum market for years. Old Monk is popular as it is very pocket-friendly and the youth loves it for this reason. Old Monks gives us a great business tip that one can achieve success by keeping the price of the product affordable by spending smartly on marketing.

4. Whatsapp

Whatsapp has become a part of modern life in a very short period of time. Whatsapp is providing fastest communication with very low data usage. Whatsapp has achieved success because people who used it in the starting days made other to use it because of the quality it provides.

5. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is used as a great source of knowledge. The date available on Wikipedia is very easy to understand and is presented in a systematic way. It is amazing fact that Wikipedia has never opted for traditional; marketing methods.

6. Rolls-Royce

We all know how luxuries Rolls-Royce are. The company is aware of the fact that their cars are affordable for a very narrow section of society. Instead of going for TV commercials Rolls-Royce makes use of their previous clients for marketing their cars.