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7 Lakh to 85 Lakh Salary, Inside Story of Sonia Dhawan, The Woman Who Blackmailed Paytm Founder

Noida Police has recently arrested Sonia Dhawan for allegedly blackmailing Vijay Shekhar Sharma, founder of Paytm. She has been charged with the allegations of stealing personal data of Vijay Shekhar and threatening him to pay her Rs 20 crore or else she would leak the data.

Career Diaries

She started her career 8 years ago with Paytm and back then joined as Vijay Sharma’s personal secretary. Her career track record seemed great and she continuously got promotions within the company. Vice President-Communications was her last designation in the company and she worked closely with Vijay Sharma. Her salary scale grew from 7 lakhs to 85 lakhs in past 8 years.

The Wicked Mastermind

She along with her husband Rupak Jain and another employee of Paytm, Devender Singh leaked data from Vijay Shekhar’s laptop. She has been pitted as the mastermind behind all this scheming. A 4th person’s involvement also came in the limelight as he was used to making those threatening calls to Vijay, but the person is still on the run. Also, it is said, that she was the one who kept giving instructions from behind to the caller and on the other hand tried coaxing Vijay to pay the amount.

The Alleged Reason

All three of them were seeking some property investment worth crores but none of them had the money and then their minds took an ugly turn and they planned to steal data from Vijay Shekhar and then threaten him for money.

Though all three of them have been working with Paytm for years, she was the only one who got so many promotions. She apparently had asked for a 10crore worth partnership in Paytm while joining, but then she worked her way up in the company. She has earlier worked with Times Internet as Business Operations Manager.

During interrogation and subsequent search, a hard disk with important data of Paytm has been recovered from her house. They have been sent on a remand of 14 days.