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Apple accused of overcharging customers for battery repairs

Sources believe that the reduced price cannot labelled ‘discounted’ as compared to thr other phone batteries in the market.
Apple recently came up with a battery replacement program, which reduces the price of iPhone battery repairs from around $79 to $29 after it was accused of deliberately slowing down its older devices.

According to a report of The Investor, an official battery manufacturer has reportedly revealed that Apple charges twice as much as Samsung for battery repairs. The source also claims that the former overcharges its customers even though the technology and the complexity of the process is almost the same.

The battery manufacturer was quoted saying, “All flagship phones from Samsung, LG and Apple have the most advanced batteries in the market. There is no reason for the price difference. Battery replacement for an iPhone may be trickier considering its use of unique parts like black pouch and tape. Still, it is difficult to understand why the cost is so high.”

The report also quoted an official of a smartphone manufacturer who said, “Apple is saying they are reducing the price for consumers but the price is never a discount considering parts and labor costs.”

The iPhone batteries are known to have a smaller capacity than those used in the flagship phones which Samsung has. iPhone 7, which is the latest model under the replacement program, features a 1,960 mAh battery unit, while in contrast, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 comes with a 3,000 mAh battery.

While Apple hasn’t commented on the cost of a battery replacement, and with the program being underway, the customers are allowed to request the repairs at the discounted price in any Apple Store.