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Dhilluku Dhuddu 2 Movie Review – Santhanam rides us with ghost comical fun !!

Producer : Handmade films
Cast: Santhanam, Shritha Sivadas, Anchal Singh
Direction: Rambhala
Production: N Santhanam
Music: Shabir & Run Time : 117 minutes

Following the success of the horror comedy Dhilluku dhuddu (2016), the Lollu Sabha combo Santhanam and director Rambhala have joined hands for the second installment of the horror comedy franchise, with fresh characters and a different setup. Let’s see if the hilarious combo score another success with Dhilluku dhuddu 2.

Story :

Vellai Viji (Santhanam) is a happy go lucky auto driver who is known for his atrocious acts in his locality, and problems start for him, as he falls in love in love with doctor Maya(Shritha Shivadas). Maya’s father, Garuda Raja Bhattathri (Bipin) a famous black magician in Kerala uses spirits to threaten, attack and chase away anyone who proposes love to her. Viji gets the help of Chakramadevi (Urvashi) to thwart the plans of Garuda Raja Bhattathri and win his love, but a twist awaits Viji. The numerous horrifying and hilarious moments Viji faces, and was he able to overcome the obstacles posed by spirits and evil forces, or did he succumb to the evil acts is what Dhilluku dhuddu 2 is all about.

Plus Points:

  • Santhanam
  • Mottai Rajendran
  • Comedy Timings
  • 2 hours run time – kudos to editor (Madhavan Madhu)
  • Direction & Screenplay

Minus Points :

  • Songs
  • Predictable Story (in ghost movie we can’t expect big story line) 😅

Overall :

Director Rambhala and Santhanam combo have been known for their natural flair for instant counters and funny punches, and that had worked well in the first part of Dhilluku Dhuddu, and this time around, they’ve come up with a screenplay, that offers even more laughs.

The plot is simple, and the motive of the spirit cliched, but Rambhala makes sure one doesn’t look into the flaws, as Santhanam takes control of the proceedings, with his impeccable comic timing and counters. The two songs in the first half could have been done away with, but the crisp 2 hours runtime makes sure Dhilluku dhuddu 2 engages and makes you laugh out loud. All said, Dhilluku Dhuddu is worth your money, go get entertained, as Santhanam has a field day with the ghosts!

Verdict : Santhanam and ghost offers a comical funny coastal ride.

Rating : 2.75/5

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