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Director Shankar’s Exciting Future Plan

Shankar is undoubtedly the biggest director working in India. He makes the loudest noise whenever his films arrive. Unfortunately, Shankar has been stuck with his magnum opus 2.0 for a long time, due to heavy VFX work involved.

It has been more than three years since the last release of Shankar. If we include “I” as well, that is two movies in the last six years. The one before that Nanban was a remake. Basically, the star director hasn’t done enough work in almost a decade.

It looks like even the director realises that and has given a good thought to his future-plan. The immediate next from Shankar would be Indian 2 which will go on sets from December once 2.0 hits the screens. The next one after that would be another sci-fi film the casting of which will be divulged later. With the experience Shankar has had on 2.0, the VFX works are going to happen smoother and faster is the hope everyone has with him now and the reason for excitement.