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Doctors confirm that rising temperatures can have positive effect on penis size

One man asked if others saw a growth in their genitals in summer as many responded that their penis seemed bigger with stronger erections.

While size doesn’t matter, there are a number of men who are still concerned about the size of their penis when it comes to a healthy sex life. A heat wave can be an exhausting experience for people, but can there be anything good about it?

Turns out that a rise in temperature leads to better erections and improves the size of the penis, and doctors confirm this. One man asked on the internet if others noticed a growth in their genitals in summer and many men responded by saying how their penis appeared bigger along with stronger erections.

Doctors also agree that something called a ‘summer penis’ does exist  as people drinking and sweating more causes the genitals to be bloated. They said that heat causes blood vessels to widen making penises swell.

While the organ remains the same in size, hot temperatures fill the blood vessels to maximum capacity making it appear larger.