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In 3 years, 9 girls are raped and killed – Psycho-killer

Delhi – The killing and killing of young girls in the Sindh murdered by a 20-year-old girl in Delhi has caused a big stir.

Ivan Rudzson has been killed in the film style. His name is Sunil Kumar and his village is in Kurukiram near Haryana.

Before the killing, the details of the shocking news were revealed that he was raping those girls.


Police arrested him in Kurukiram area on November 11 last year. He was arrested on suspicion of missing 3 year old girl. Then came the police investigation to find out that he was a psycho killer.

In the police inquiry, he has been murdered by killing girls. According to his statement, he has been murdered for the past three years. In total, nine girls have been killed so far.

He has killed 4 girls in Delhi. In Jhansi, Gwalior and Kurukragam, he has done the rest of the murder. These details are now being disclosed to their parents in search of old murder cases.

He usually keeps breaking leg before killing his children. He has been raped and murdered. It has also been discovered that more and more torturers will be tortured.



In normal days he is an daily wage worker. He has murdered and murdered young girls. The police said he had a major mental health problem.