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India Proudly Has Power Supply Across All Its Villages

Manipur’s Leisang village became the last non-electrified inhabited village to join India’s mainline supply network at 5.30pm on Saturday, an important milestone in the country’s journey towards universal electricity access.

This means that all 597,464 inhabited villages in the country now have access to power, fulfilling a promise the PM had made on August 15, 2015, when he announced that all unelectrified villages would get power over the next 1,000 days.

The last inhabited village to be powered through the off-grid system — isolated supply networks, mostly with solar power plants — was Pakol, also in Manipur.

While basic infrastructure such as distribution transformer and lines need to be set up in inhabited localities, including Dalit hamlets, a village is considered electrified if 10 per cent of its households and public places such as schools, panchayat office and health centre have access to electricity.