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Interesting Facts About Sanjay Dutt aka Sanju

Sanjay Dutt’s life has been no less than a roller coaster ride. No movie star in the history of Indian cinema has had a life as eventful and turbulent as his. At one point he was not just looked at as a drug addict but also as a terrorist by the society. While his biopic, Sanju, directed by Rajkumar Hirani & received tremendous response, we bring you interesting facts about Sanjay Dutt.

Ranbir Kapoor dedication & Rajkumar Hirani direction makes audience more appealing and engaging leaves us with emotion connect.

His parents meeting and their marriage :

Before getting on with Sanjay Dutt and his life it would be apt to show how his celebrity parents, Sunil Dutt and Nargis Dutt met. A brief narration of where the both met and how they were signed up for Mehboob Khan’s ‘Mother India’ and how Sunil Dutt turned hero during the fire shoot of the film when he saved Nargis in real from getting burnt would make for interesting viewing. And, finally how they got married despite Sunil Dutt being a Hindu and Nargis being a Muslim.


His childhood and upbringing :

What was Sanjay Dutt’s childhood like despite having celebrity parents and being the eldest and the only son would be interesting to know. His growing up years and what relationship he shared with his two younger sisters, Namrata and Priya Dutt. His initial schooling days and going to boarding and thereafter to college will be interesting to show on screen.


His relationship with his parents :

It was a known fact that Sanjay Dutt was very close to his mother and was pampered by her like every other son would be. His father being an actor had to be away for his shoots and so it was up to Nargis to take care of the kids after marriage and quitting films. Sanjay’s love for his mother made him have all the best things in the world. Though he was not completely detached to his father but Sanjay confided in his mother more than his father. This facet of his initial upbringing can be a good reason to look forward to the biopic.


His Bollywood debut :

‘Rocky’ was his full-fledged Bollywood debut in 1981 but many don’t know that Sanjay Dutt first appeared on screen in his father’s epic love saga ‘Reshma Aur Shera’ in 1971 where he was a part of a qawwali sequence. Though ‘Rocky’ did decent business at the box-office but the film will be remembered for Nargis Dutt passing away just four days before its premiere.


His mother’s death :

Sanjay Dutt was shattered on hearing his mother’s death who passed away after fighting cancer. She didn’t survive to see her son’s debut film which was one of her dreams to see him on the silver screen. Though Sunil Dutt tried his best to get her treated at different hospitals and doctor’s but fate had other plans. Losing his mother at a young age came as a tragic loss to Sanjay Dutt, a scene which may turn emotional for viewers if shown on screen.


His getting into drugs and rehabilitation :

During Sanjay’s mother’s treatment, it made the latter get into bad company and take up drugs as no one was there to monitor him. Nargis’ death just didn’t come as a blow to him but it made him get addicted to drugs in a big way. Whatever he earned was spent on drugs, he even smuggled it in his shoes while travelling abroad. During his rehabilitation period, he didn’t know what was happening around the world as he couldn’t even complete his pending films back home.


His return to stardom :

After his debut film Rocky was released Sanjay Dutt manage to do quite a few films like Bekaraar, Johny I Love You, Main Awara Hoon, Do Dilon Ki Dastaan, etc. but all turned out duds at the box-office and was termed as a wooden actor by many film pundits. It was Mahesh Bhatt’s Naam in 1986 which was produced by his brother-in-law actor, Kumar Gaurav that turned the fortunes in his favour. After Naam he didn’t look back and delivered some big hits in the years to come.


His three marriages :

Sanjay Dutt’s marriages made headlines. Though he was linked to his female co-stars from Tina Munim to Madhuri Dixit but that didn’t stop him from marrying not once but thrice. He first married actress Richa Sharma in 1987, the actress gave birth to their daughter, Trishala Dutt. Richa succumbed to cancer in 1996, which made Sanjay marry for the second time to Rhea Pillai in 1998. The couple parted ways after seven years of marriage. He married for the third time in 2008 to Manyata who had done small-time roles in films. The couple has twins.


His crime and trials :

It was in 1993 that Sanjay Dutt was framed with charges of possessing illegal arms during the Mumbai blasts. The actor was jailed for more than a year leaving his film career in turmoil. Though his fan following doubled with the release of ‘Khalnayak’ but his subsequent films got stuck. He did manage to come out on bail but court cases went on as he continued doing films and delivering hits as well as misses at the box-office.


His jail term and release :

His father Sunil Dutt’s death in 2005 came as a jolt to Sanjay as he once again felt helpless. In 2013 came the final court verdict where he was proved guilty of his crime and was sentenced to jail. The actor completed all his pending films before serving his jail tenure in Pune. He completed his jail term in February 2016 and was a free man ultimately after 23 years of turbulence.


Sanjay Dutt made a mark for himself as a comedy and action hero in the 90s and 2000s with movies like Haseena Maan Jayegi, Khoobsurat, Mission Kashmir and Kartoos among others.

Over the past decade, Sanjay Dutt reinvented himself and quickly became a crowd puller with top roles in films like Kaante, Zinda, Eklavya and Dhamaal. He showed younger actors that experimenting with hairdos and looking retro cool was not beyond him.


Sanjay was allowed to carry electronic cigarettes citing migraine attacks and withdrawal symptoms.

Sanjay was allowed to carry the items including six pairs of undergarments, a kurta, a pair of pajamas, two reading glasses, two bars of soap, two toothbrushes, a toothpaste, two bottles of shampoo, a pair of slippers, three tubes of a mosquito repellant gel, a bedsheet, a mattress, a pillow, a copy each of the Hanuman Chalisa, the Bhagwad Gita and the Ramayana.

Sanju: Sanjay Dutt asked Rajkumar Hirani for a sequel to Ranbir Kapoor’s film. This is what the director said

Sanju spans across Sanjay Dutt’s life – from his twenties to present day with Ranbir Kapoor playing the role of the protagonist. Dutt, as per reports, is so impressed with Sanju that he asked director Rajkumar Hirani to make a sequel to it. What was Hirani’s answer? Read on for details


Hirani, however, refused to make a sequel, he said in his interview with ABP News, reports DNA. “A person can have only one biopic,” Hirani reportedly said, adding that he had informed both Ranbir and Dutt that a sequel to Sanju isn’t possible.