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Interesting Stories About How Famous Startups Started Prove That Nothing Is Impossible

Everyone wants to achieve success, it doesn’t matter in which stage of the life we are in, we all want something extra to feel better. Stories about successful people tell us what it takes to fulfill dreams and startups are the new paths of living the life humans always wanted to love. Inh this article, we have shared how popular startups started and we hope this will inspire you to not ignore your inner voice and do something valuable;e both for yourself and the society in a productive way.

1. Instagram

A guy wanted to learn to code, he decided to teach himself after his working hours and starts to work on some apps. Launches Instagram on Monday and it becomes the best photo app on the app store on Tuesday.

2. Uber

A school dropout starts a company and due to illegal profit, he had to pay a heavy fine. Gets funding for his new project and starts Uber in 2010 which now values over $17 billion.

3. Alibaba

A man got rejections form every possible job he tried, faced the struggle in learning English, didn’t had any special skills. Starts his own venture Alibaba and gives a new concept to the world.

4. LinkedIn

A guy gets an idea about making a social network that only includes his professional contacts. Invites 350 of his friends to join the website. LinkedIn gets a positive response on its launch in 2003 and today has a net worth of over $1 billion.

5. OYO Rooms

A college dropout makes an app for a hotel at the age of 17 and names it Oravel. The concept goes viral and Oravel becomes OYO Rooms which now values over $25 billion.

6. Commonfloor

A guy discovers his potential while helping his father in family business. Quits his job and starts Commonfloor and gets funding of over $62 million.

7. Tripoto

Two friends who had the passion for traveling and writing start a business in 2013. They received funding of over Rs 2 crore within a year.

8. Pinterest

A guy leaves his job to work with 2 of his friends, designs apps which got flopped badly. Launches Pinterest in 2010 which now has 25 million users worldwide.

9. Airbnb

Two friends were finding it difficult to pay their rent, to solve this, they charged other people to stay in their living room. The idea went viral and they received funding of $112 million to work on their project.

10. Angry Birds

3 guys create 51 unsuccessful apps and they almost felt like stop making more. Number 52 creates history and Angry Birds changed their lives.