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Kaala Audio Launch – Rajinikanth reveals his political dream

Rajini started with expressing gratitude to all those who present.

Here’s his speech:

“This doesn’t look like audio launch but like this film’s success celebration. Last celebration I attended was for Shivaji for which Kalaignar came” he said.
We should be friends with those who are knowledgeable but not with overtly wise people as they will flee when all doors are shut.
Rajini also talked about why he chose Linga citing water problem dealt with in the movie and how he has always had in his mind about issues surrounding water in the country.
“My only dream is to interlink all south Indian rivers. I don’t care if I die the next day even.”
“One should be good but not too good as you will be stepped on.  He also comically talked about how he has learned to act with costars his own age.  People have been saying I m done for 40 years. They have been turning green with envy.  Only you people and God make me go on running.”
Rajini Kaala
“What anybody says doesn’t matter I just keep walking in my path”,he said. Rajini further was all praises for director Ranjith and remembered his experience how ‘Kabali’  happened.
About Dhanush: “Dhanush is a golden son.  He considers his parents like God.  He looks after his wife well. “
About Kaala: ” Kaala is not a political film. But there is politics in it. Ranjith will not end his career just as a director but will achieve something much larger in his life due to his altruism and his social responsibility “
” This film will be definitely different. Only two villain characters were a challenge in my career Antony in Bashaa and Neelambari in Padayappa. Now I’ve been amazed by Nana Patekar in Kaala.”
Advise to fans: Rajini advised fans to keep their mother,  father and God happy.  He also talked about the importance of family and safeguarding it. ‘What you think you become’ was his advice in addition to think productive and grow positively.
Politics: “The date hasn’t come. When time comes I promise that good time will dawn on Tamil people.”
However one thing to take home is that Rajini is definitive about his goal to link all south Indian rivers.