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Kamal Haasan Extra Efforts for Shankar’s Landmark Film

Shankar‘s landmark film ‘Indian’ came in 1996 and it remains to be one of his social movies that had a strong message. Even the dubbing version of the movie in Hindi and Telugu was as successful as it was in Tamil. Now, Shankar is back to his favourite genre he was adept at.

The sequel of the movie is in the making with Kamal Haasan playing the lead in the sequel, as well. But, the Kamal Haasan who we know now isn’t the same as the Kamal Haasan in 1996. So, the Universal Star is putting extra efforts for the landmark film. To get back into proper shape for the role in ‘Indian 2’, Kamal Haasan has flown a trainer from the United States.

There is a huge responsibility on the director to live up to the expectations that would soar up by the virtue of the prequel. Fans are happy that Shankar is back to the genre that gave him blockbusters like ‘Mudhalvan’, ‘Gentleman’, ‘Anniyan’ etc. ‘Indian 2’ is expected to go on to the floors once Shankar’s sci-fi film ‘2.O’ comes to the theatres as announced on 29th November.