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Karthik Subbaraj makes big statement regarding Mercury Release in TamilNadu

Unique Film After 30 Years in Indian Cinema remember Pushpaka Vimanam by Kamal Hassan that came a 30 years ago? It won the National Award and Kamal Hassan was extraordinary in making the silent film. Now after a long time, Karthik Subbaraju has come up with a silent film with Prabhu Deva.

“Mercury” is a silent thriller with Prabhu Deva doing the lead role and the trailer gives you a spooky experience and Prabhu Deva in a distinct body language, director said that this film would take the Indian cinema to the next level.

On the other hand, Prabhu Calls it the best film in his career. The film runs for 1.45 hrs and interestingly, Prabhu Deva doesn’t do what he is known for in the film. Yes, Prabhu Deva doesn’t dance in this film he is going to impress the audience only and only with his acting skills. The film is for release this weekend with the makers promising a unique theater watching experience.

However the film didn’t get a chance for wide release in Tamilnadu because of ongoing strike by Tamilnadu film producer council and Karthik Subbaraj team has released the film except Tamilnadu and they’re unhappy and shared a statement in twitter –

Image twitted by Karthik Subbaraj

And here is the quick review – Mercury movie it is a clever thriller by Karthik Subbaraj plot has a few gaps and he also uses the regular narrative techniques of the horror genre to create the moments of shock. However, the overall impact of Mercury on a viewer is very effective, encouraging us to brush aside the shortcomings.

Mercury eventually melts down to the story of human sufferings caused due to corporate greed. And we do leave the theatre with a heavy heart, if not totally frightened by Prabhudheva’s thirst for vengeance. Everyone in this story is a victim.

Mercury Trailer –