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New ‘i’ button in Facebook app to reduce fake news distribution

Facebook will source the authencity of the source from Wikipedia, hoping no false data on their part.
Facebook has been claiming to work against the distribution of fake news in the recent times. It seems that the company is now taking noticeable steps towards that measure, apart from hiring several thousands of people to monitor content. The social media giant has put an ‘i’ button on news posts to let users learn about the background of the source.

Facebook has been testing the new information button on news posts. The button will contain links to the Wikipedia page of the news source. Users will also be able to see related articles below that.

With this button, people will now have the option to learn about the source and decide whether to share that piece of information or not. If it is from some reputed and trusted media organisation, it will have a proper Wikipedia profile. If there’s no information available about the source, then users can themselves figure out whether to go ahead with it or not.

If you haven’t seen this new feature, then you have to wait as Facebook is slowly rolling out the update to users worldwide. With this feature, we hope that Facebook is able to successfully reduce the widespread distribution of fake news on their platform.