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PUBG’s snow map leaked online

PUBG, the popular tactical Battle Royale, was rumored to be getting a new map in the game, called Dihor Otok.

The map was supposed to take the gameplay experience in a new direction by situating it in a snowy terrain.

Now, new information has resurfaced on Reddit, courtesy allthennewsisgoodnews, that details some leaked footage of the map.

Read about the new map here.

Dihor Otok Overview

Here’s everything we’ve been able to uncover about the new map so far:

Going by the scale of the leaked image (see below), it would appear that Dihor Otok will be an 8km by 8km map – the same as Miramar and Erangel, and twice the size as the recently released Sanhok map, which was built for skirmish gameplay

Points of interest on Dihor Otok include Cosmodrome, Dino Park, Villa, Town, Cement Factory and Castle.

A new game mode is expected to arrive with the map called Conquest. It’s believed this will focus on controlling a certain point on the map, although we’re still waiting for detailed information on this front.
According to datamined files, it looks as though a night mode is also coming with the new map.

Unsurprisingly, it also looks as though snowstorms will feature on Dihor Otok.
From the original teaser video posted to Twitter, it looks like players will be able to track their prey using footprints that persist in the snow.

It’s not yet known when Dihor Otok will be released, but it will likely be highlighted on the experimental server for play testing at some point prior to launch. Winter 2018 is the only launch window that’s been provided so far.