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Raghava Lawrence‬ Welcomes Rajinikanth Into Politics With Porukku Vaa Thalaivaa‬ – Video

​Superstar Rajinikanth has been hinting towards his inclination to join politics and bring about a change in the current scenario in the state of Tamil Nadu. Thalaivaa met his fans over a few days just recently and while all wanted to know about his decision, he asked them to wait till December 31st. While opinion is divided about how Rajinikanth’s appeal will help him enter, stay and grow in politics, fans are sure that their megastar is what their state needs.

​And now, just a day ahead of Rajinikanth’s big announcement tomorrow, filmmaker Raghava Lawrence has released a song Porukku Vaa Thalaivaa‬ which is a tribute to the megastar and welcomes him into the world of politics. Lawrence released and posted the song today on his social media today and it has been going viral since then.  Check out his tweet about the song and watch the song yourself to celebrate the greatness that Rajinikanth is. 
​Will he join an already existing party or float his own or will be postpone the plan for a few more months or years, all this and more about Rajinikanth’s political plans will be revealed tomorrow. On the work front in films, Thalaivaa has 2.0 and Kaala waiting to release in the next year. There were reports that Thala wanted all the promotional activities regarding his two films to be done with before he invests himself fully into politics. If joining politics will mean giving up working in films, we are sure this will come as a big blow to his fans. We are sure most Rajni fans are spending nail-biting moments as they wait for tomorrow. Let’s see what’s in store for us.