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Samsung copies from Huawei, adds gradient color to Galaxy A9 Star

You know what they say: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” If that’s truly the case then Huawei should be very flattered indeed, as the new color variant to the Samsung Galaxy A9 Star looks a lot like a Huawei device.

The Samsung Galaxy A9 Star — a premium mid-range device exclusive to China — launched about three months ago in black or white color options. Now, we have images of a new variant (via SamMobile) launching in a few weeks which will feature gradient coloring in a purple-pink hue. This is the first time Samsung has released a device with gradient coloring.

You can see the Samsung Galaxy A9 Star in its new purple gradient coloring at the top of this article, as well as in the two pics below:

Granted, the phone looks very nice. However, it’s yet another example of how Samsung is playing catch-up in China; this new update is a clear example of Samsung trying to offer a product that looks a lot like products from its Chinese competitors such as Huawei and Xiaomi.

The Samsung Galaxy A9 Star is exclusive to China with the device getting confusingly rebranded in a few other countries as the Samsung Galaxy A8 Star. However, it is unlikely we’ll see the A9 Star — or this gradient variant — outside China anytime soon.

But there might be a silver lining here: with the Samsung Galaxy A9 Star featuring a gradient color variant, maybe future global Samsung phones will also feature the fun design aesthetic.

I’ll close this out with this legitimate advertisement for the A9 Star. It. Is. Amazing: