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Seeman extends support for Vadivelu


Vadivelu starrer Thenaliraman is running into trouble with some organizations protesting against its release stating that the movie contains scenes that belittles King Krishnadevarayar. Condemning this, director and president of the Naam Thamizhar Iyakkam, Seeman has issued a press statement as below:

“Despite the production house’s clarification that there is no Krishna Devarayar character in Tenaliraman and everything in the film is pure imagination, I strongly condemn the people who are announcing that they will besiege Vadivelu’s house and threaten him… Without watching the film, people should not threaten an ace artist like Vadivelu. Though Vadivelu is an onscreen comedian, he is a proud Tamilian and he is a hero for Tamil people. If there are scenes insulting Krishna Devarayar/ Telugu people we will support those organizations, but baseless allegation and threatening a Tamil actor is completely unacceptable… If people think that they could suppress Vadivelu and his upcoming film because of the ongoing political situation, Naam Tamizhar will act as a protective fence for Vadivelu and we will teach perfect lesson to those outfits who are trying to create problems for Tenaliraman.”