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Sri Reddy gives warning to Rana Daggubati and Akkineni Supriya

It is known news that Telugu actress Sri Reddy made sensational allegations against the casting couch menace in Tollywood and staged a dharna outside the Movie Artistes’ Association (MAA) headquarters ‘Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce’ in Film Nagar. She shocked the entire Telugu Film industry when she stripped in public and accused a few celebrities, including Suresh Babu’s son and Baahubali star Rana Daggubati’s brother Abhiram Daggubati, of sexploitation. She also leaked private messages with four directors including director Kona Venkat, Koratala Siva and Abhiram.
Later MAA lifted the ban on the actress. This follows the (NHRC) National Human Rights Commission’s notices to the Telangana government on allegations of sexual harassment in Tollywood.
Recently Sri Reddy abused Jana Sena President and actor Power Star Pawan Kalyan and flashed her middle finger. It was her response to Pawan’s advise on approaching police to solve the sexual harrashment issues rather than resorting to sensationalism.

Yesterday Sri Reddy spoke to fans through her live page in Facebook. She said that she has approached four High-court lawyers including Rachana Reddy, Pattabi and a Delhi lawyer against the people who abused and made vulgar comments on her.
Sri Reddy said, Pawan Kalyan does not have any connection with her protest against Casting couch. She added, bad days are ahead for people of big families in Tollywood. She said they won’t accept Abhiram’s brother Rana Daggubati and Akkineni Supriya in women wing to be constituted by Telugu film industry.