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Tamil actresses who married filmmakers!

​In cinema, the relationship between filmmakers and heroines is always special. While most of the heroines see directors as their mentors, sometimes they end up as partners in real life. Tamil cinema’s pioneer Krishnaswami Subrahmanyam married actress S.D. Subbulakshmi as his second wife. Actress Radhika married Prathap Pothen and due to the difference of opinion, they divorced. Balu Mahendra married two actresses Shobha and Mounika. When Revathy married Suresh Menon, he used to direct films and Priyanka married Kannada superstar Upendra who is also a director. Lissy and Priyadarshan is another popular director-actress pair divorced in 2014.

Let’s take a look at the list of actresses who married filmmakers in Tamil cinema.

1.  Mani Ratnam – Suhasini


Though Mani Ratnam and Suhasini didn’t work in any film, they fell in love and eventually got married. In an interview to Tribune India, Suhasini said “I was conservative and traditional and didn’t want to be linked with a man I wasn’t married to. So I told Mani that I wasn’t interested in a relationship, only marriage”. Mani Ratnam -Suhasini couple has a son, Nandan.

2. Sundar C – Khushbu


Sundar C -Khushbu is another successful filmmaker-actress pair in Tamil cinema. After Murai Maman, Sundar C proposed to Khushbu and they eventually got married. Khushbu and Sundar C have two children—Avanthika and Ananditha.

3. Balu Mahendra – Shoba, Mounika


Late veteran director Balu Mahendra married actress Shoba but she committed suicide on 1980 which became a huge controversy at that time. Balu Mahendra also married Mounika, another actress in 1998 and officially declared it only in 2004. However, the director’s first marriage was with Akhileshwari who is not an actress.

4. Saranya- Ponvannan


Award-winning actress Saranya married to Ponvannan who used to work as an assistant director in many of her films. The couple has two children —Priyadharshini and Chandhini.

5.​ Devayani – Rajakumaran


Actress Devayani married lesser known and unsuccessful director Rajakumaran which was a shocker to many people in the industry. As Devayani’s parents opposed her marriage, the actress privately married Rajakumaran in 2001. The couple has two girl children— Iniya and Priyanka.

6. Ramya Krishnan – Krishna Vamsi


Actress Ramya Krishnan married acclaimed Telugu filmmaker Krishna Vamsi in 2003, they have a son named Ritvick. There were many rumors that the couple is no longer staying together but the actress dismissed all the rumors.

7. Roja – Selvamani


RK Selvamani introduced Roja to Tamil cinema with Chembaruthi. Later, RK Selvamani proposed to Roja and they got married in the year 2002.

8. Hari- Pritha


Though Hari and Pritha have not worked together in any film, they fell in love and got married. The couple has three sons.

9. Atlee -Priya


Director Atlee has also not worked with Priya, who was a struggling actress but the director knew her from her Vijay TV days. They married in the year 2014 after Atlee’s first hit Raja Rani.

10. Vignesh ShivN – Nayanthara


Director Vignesh ShivN is currently dating Nayanthara and the adorable pair have also openly declared about their relationship on social media. The entire Tamil Nadu is eagerly looking forward to their wedding.

11. Amala Paul- Vijay


Their wedding happened with much fanfare but was short lived after the lovely couple, decided to part ways. The reason cited was “no compatibility”

12. Lissy-Priyadarshan


Lissy Priyadarshan, married producer-director Priyadarshan and they were a power couple till recently. The couple got divorced recently.

There are many director-actress pairs who got divorced due to the difference of opinion. Following are popular director-actress pairs who got divorced after their brief relationship: Sonia Aggarwal & Selvaraghavan, Revathi & Suresh Menon, Raadika & Prathap Pothen, Seetha & Parthiepan