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Tamil Nadu govt fixes parking ticket rates in cinema theatres

Govt. fixes ₹20 and ₹10 for parking in movie theatres

In an official notification by Governor of Tamil Nadu, the price of parking a car/three-wheeler and two wheeler in a theatre situated in municipal corporations and municipalities special grade has been fixed at ₹20 and ₹10 respectively.

In town panchayats and villages, car/three-wheeler and two wheeler parking charges have been fixed at ₹ 5 and ₹3 respectively.

In municipalities other than special grade municipalities, the rates have been fixed at ₹15 and ₹7 for car/three-wheeler and bike parking respectively.

It is unclear whether parking ticket pricing will include theatres in shopping malls.

The Tamil Nadu Cinemas (Regulation) rules, 1957, was amended to incorporate these changes.

Vishal also confirmed this in his recent tweet.