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Tamizh Padam 2 Review – A complete Troll Mania !

Production: Y Not Studios Cast: Chethan, George Vijay Nelson, Ishwarya Menon, Manobala, Mirchi Shiva, R Sundarrajan, Santhana Bharathi, Sathish Story, Screenplay & Direction: CS Amudhan Music & Background Score : Kannan Cinematography: Gopi Amarnath Run Time : 142 Minutes
Director CS Amudhan and Shiva had the guts to introduce  spoof genre to Tamil cinema with their first collaboration Tamizh Padam’ in 2010. This hilarious combo is back with a sequel – a compilation of troll worthy moments which audiences were subjected to, in the last eight years.
The original version had restricted itself only to Tamil cinema but in part-2, Amudhan has gone international by making fun of epic scenes from classics like Forrest Gump, The Silence of the Lambs and Game of Thrones!
Shiva (Shiva) is no longer associated with the police department and leads a happy life with his grandmother and wife in his native village Cinemapatti but the government seeks his help to control a caste riot. Shiva comes to know that it’s the underworld gangster P (Sathish) who is seeking revenge…so the cat and mouse game begins!
What to expect from a Spoof movie? Scene by Scene, Dialogue by dialogue, hero by hero, cliché by cliché… Amudhan does not spare anything from Kollywood, goes through the cycle gap available to make the best use of spoof comedy. TP2 is a guaranteed entertainer no doubts there, movies released 8 years since the first part forms the baseline for TP2; how cinema has progressed over time with mass hypes, stereotyped heroes, heroine bashing and all that has helped Amudhan to develop a plot for Tamizh padam 2.0.
There is this scene when Shiva is interviewed by Journalists, while the dialogues and the situation itself is bundled with jokes, a close look at the background shows the journalists from HBO, Chutti TV and so on. This is the improvement from the first part, Amudhan decides to spare nothing in the second part. Amudhan once said that without Shiva, its hard to imagine TP2 and there is no doubts there. The actor’s body language, his attempts to demean himself is hilarious and witty at its best. Shiva is at his best even as he becomes a lover boy, a policeman, a dance munivar and of course as OPS. Sathish as the villain has managed to invoke some laughs, he is disguised as some of the famous and known villains over the last few years – starting from Rajini’s Chitti to Joker, he transforms into every villain we know off.
Verdict – Tamizh Padam 2 is a wholesome entertainer taking various references like current affairs apart from just cinema has made the movie more entertaining. Worth the watch.
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