The Tamil Nadu State Government has revised the base ticket price for film tickets by 25%. This new ticket price system will be in effect from the 9th of October. The multiplexes located in Greater Chennai can now charge a base price of 150. If you add 28% GST (42rs) and 30 rupees booking charge, the final ticket price that a consumer would have to pay would be around 225 rupees.

Here is the abstract of Government’s press release:

“The Government have formed a High Level Committee with the Additional Chief Secretaries/Principal Secretaries/ Secretaries of the Departments concerned and the representatives from the Tamil Film Chamber of Commerce and the Tamil Film Producers Council to examine various issues relating to Cinema Industry including request of Cinema Associations for revision of the rates of the Cinema Tickets.

During the High-Level Committee meeting, the representatives from various Associations from the Cinema Industry have represented that the film industry is facing lots of difficulties due to Video-Piracy, increase in the expenses in running the theatres and filmmaking and enhancement of Entertainment Tax from 20% to 30%. The Associations have further stated that in the view of introduction and enforcement of Goods and Services Tax, they will not be in a position to make films and to operate the cinema theatres at the existing rates of admission and many theatres are being closed

In view of the increase in the expenditure and incurring losses. A lot of Cinema Associations have therefore requested the Government revise the rates of admission to the Cinema Theatres.”

The theatre owners had insisted for 160 rupee base price Chennai city multiplexes. However, the government has granted a slab price of 150 rupees.

Greater Chennai base price

Multiplex – 150
GST (28%) – 42
Total price for counter booking – 192
Total price for online booking – around 225 

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