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Trisha Blames SUN TV Channel for the Injustice – But Sun TV is strong on ’96 premiere

Trisha Krishnan after a long wait got a blockbuster hit with her performance applauded the most in the Tamil film 96. The love story has been very well accepted by the audience who lauded the lead actors’ work in the film and the script. The film is still running in the theaters with 80% occupancy though it was released last month on 4th.

Sun TV has spoiled all that happiness of Trisha as they announced a TV premiere of the film for this Diwali on 6th November and the actress is the most disappointed with the news. Calling it unfair and only an injustice to have the film telecast on TV so early while the film is still running good in the theatres, Trisha requested the channel to postpone premier for a little longer.

Fans too took to social media in support to Trisha and asked the channel to stop the premier.

Also, according to the reports, people called the channel on phones requesting to delay the telecast of the film. Well, such a film would definitely garn good TRPs and let’s see if Sun TV considers the people and the actress’ appeal.

However its always contract between the production house and the channel. Earlier Sun TV also premiered Dhanush’s Anegan at the time also fans and public where against on the telecast still Sun TV telecasted the movie. In tamil channel its a strange thing but in Hindi and Telugu channels they’ve already started premiering the movies within a month of time.