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What makes Rajinikanth a real Superstar?


There are umpteen number of ways to bring smiles upon people, but none greater than the phenomena of Rajnikanth. Just a mere rendition of words by Thalaivar, evokes goosebumps on the most ardent of Rajnikanth’s fans. Well, what is it about the ‘brand Rajnikanth’ that makes him so special and uncomparable? The answer to this question is spread across a wide array of unique things, ranging from something as common and well known such as his unimitable style of dialogue delivery to something as complex as the science behind elusivity and mystica. Let us decode and comprehend the unpenetrable shield of enigma that surrounds Rajnikanth.

We all know that the reel lives of stars are not necessarily in sync with their real lives. But truth be told, a star’s real life attributes do play a crucial role in the formation of their filmi career, the world is a much open space today than ever before and even the minute details spread like wild fire. This is where Rajnikanth stands out from the rest, his down to earth nature coupled with the simplicity of a common man enables him to stand as a tall and majestic figure. Whilst most actors are embroiled in some controversy or the other, Rajnikanth has managed to steer clear of them right through his career as yet and we can be rest assured that this trend would stay, forever.

Shivaji Rao Gaikwad or Rajnikanth as we all know him, is also a true symbol of hardwork, grit and determination. His life is a classic example which illustrates the concept of  a “rags to riches” story, which is the dream of many Indian men. But, Rajnikanth was not treated with kid gloves, he had to slog it out and work tirelessly to reach to this kind of mass adulation and respect. People closely associated with the Superstar reveal that he had worked for days and nights continously to achieve his goal, especially during the times he spent at the acting school. An avid learner, Rajnikanth’s immense popularity is also courtesy the dignified way he treats people irrespective of their stature. Another noteworthy facet on Rajnikanth is his honest and transparent nature, he has always been open about his good and bad vices and has never sugarcoated anything, especially when it comes to his fans. Also, it takes a lot of courage to spill out and concede in the public eye, which many stars don’t indulge in out of fear for backlash.

Now, to talk about his on screen antics; well, where do we begin? Superstar’s mesmerizing journey, starting out as a villain with the film Apoorva Ragangal to being the hero of the world in Kochadaiiyaan is something beyond measure. Rajnikanth has virtually tried out all possible shades and has excelled remarkably too. His portrayal of roles in movies is not only done aptly but he also brings in the “X-Factor” while being on screen. Be it the stylish toss of a cigarrette, unique way of delivering punch dialogues, powerful style of fight sequences, fashionably setting his hair with his fingers, conveying meaningful philosophies; he has always been a trendsetter which has enabled him to be a cut above the rest. His mere presence on screen works as pure magic with the audiences. One must remember that heroes are not born, they are sculpted out of blood, sweat and tears. Well, let us hope that the evergreen Superstar Rajnikanth continues to weave his magicband on us for many many generations to come!