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What! Washing Machine at ₹2,500 launched in Coimbatore

Murugesan from Coimbatore Rathnapura has come up with a low-cost washing machine.

Initially the Table Top Weight Grinder was manufactured by the company, sold at a very low price. In this case, the next attempt was made by the Washing Machine.

Speaking about a new washing machine, he said, although our company’s new washing machine’s price is low, the quality and conveniences of any other company is not at all low.

The new Washing Machine price is Rs.2,500. GST Rs 2,950 along with tax. One year warranty is provided. The new Washing Mission has been receiving great reception among the people. Washing machine producer Murugesan said that this new washing machine would complete the clothes in 7 minutes and could easily be anywhere.

“Murugesan mentioned it is a small-scale industry & advertising strategy that he is foster and notices because poor people can benefit from lower prices due to the increase in the price of advertisements for international brands.

Let’s see what are the main features of this washing machine.

Low weight

The price of the price is on one side and many more.

Washing and cleaning
Six cloth can be washed off

Low weight, small design can be used in small places.

One year’s guarantee is prepared with various highlights. People in Coimbatore now prefer this Washing Machine. Do not worry if the people who live in the country will pay the bank account and send the address to the respective district directly by the courier service.