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Will Shankar’s 2.0 surpass Rajamouli’s Baahubali?

Since the beginning of his career, director Shankar made larger than life films and drew the attention of wider audience. For a long time, he was the only regional director to have a national recognition.

After few years, Rajamouli got such a reputation. With ‘Maaveeran’ and ‘Naan Ee’ Rajamouli first conquered the south and with ‘Baahubali’ he became a sensational director across the country.

But the million Dollar question is who is the star and best director? Fans do keep fighting among themselves in the social media that their director is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). At the trailer launch event of ‘2 Point 0’ director Shankar has said that he is a fan of Rajamouli and he had made the country proud.

Putting aside these rankings, for now Rajamouli is leading the race having scored India’s biggest blockbuster. Will Shankar surpass Rajamouli? That we will get to know when ‘2 Point 0’ releases on November 29th.

For now both Rajamouli and Shankar have started their careers with regional cinema and exceeded the expectations of no Bollywood director has ever imagined. They also took the Indian cinema to the international platform and we expect them to continuously deliver such magnum opus films and entertain us.