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Women jumps from running train – A sad story #JusticeforJeevitha

In this modern era still mother-in-laws are torturing for dowry & Husband in a alleged relationship with a colleague.

justice for jeevitha

Never imagined that I would write a news-blog on my own friend suicide this blog page will be updated in regular interval basis so keep-eye on this page. – ADMIN.

Update-10-Mar-18/03.00pm – Today Rose Murali parties & Sahana Father has reported in RDO office – Tiruvallur for the investigation sadly Sahana didn’t report because of health concerns & officers are done their interrogation with Jeevitha’s close friends & Rose Murali parties.

As per sources by Monday Rose Murali parents will be arrested.

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Update-09-Mar-18/06.00pm – As we reported earlier today RDO-Tiruvullar wing scheduled for investigation with both parties and Rose Murali parties have not represented so RDO will send summon and again if they don’t report tomorrow Rose Murali parents related to this incident people also will be arrested.

Update-08-Mar-18/9.00pm- Srimathi DR. Thamizhisai Soundarajan – State President, Tamilnadu BJP for coming in person and paying homage to our Jeevitha’s family on Women’s day! She also met Jeevitha’s mother, consoled her and has told her that all legal actions will be taken. She has mentioned about Jeevitha’s suicide on her women’s day letter too.

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Update – 07-Mar-18/9.00pm – Second enquiry will be placed on Friday (09-Mar-18) by RDO (Revenue Divisional Officer) & Police investigation will be done on both parties- based on that Rose Murali parents will be sent to jail and only then Jeevitha baby can be rescued from them.

Update – 6-Mar-18/9.30pm – Rose Murali arressted under dowry harassment with non-bail warrant sent to puzhal jail he will be in police remand for 90 days. Jeevitha baby is still with Rose Murali family and it seems soon they will get the baby soon from the family.

Sahana (affair girl) have been terminated from the company (TVS Infotech).

Watch Rose Murali Arresting Video –

Husband made a friendship with another woman and Jeevitha committed suicide by jumping into the cooum river from a running train.

Geetha from George Town Town in Chennai. She has a daughter named Jeevitha and a son named Ganesh. Jeevitha was working in a private hospital in the area of ​​Vanagaram.

In February 2016, she married Rose Murali, who works in IT. They have a baby girl who turns one age on 6th March 2018.

In this case, her husband Rose has been in a relationship with a woman and when Jeevitha was pregnant. Jeevitha asked her husband to come up with this information.

In addition, her husband Rose and his family have also been harassed by dowry. Jeevitha told her family about the dowry harassment and her husband’s friendship with another woman.

How did both became close?
During pregnancy / delivery period 6 months time Rose Murali & Sahana became close. During this time Rose never concerned / contacted Jeevitha.

Listen to call conversation between Jeevitha & Sahana –

The two families compromised together. But her husband Rose did not let her. In recent times Jeevitha again conceived but Rose don’t want to go with second baby so he asked to abort the pregnancy for that also rose didn’t pay nor helped Rose Murali used to give mental torture to get money / jewels from her family. Even he has slapped Jeevitha’s mother & also for ear boring ceremony also he has not given any money everything bared by Jeevitha

Saddest part is this illegal relationship has been accepted by Rose Murali parents they have been very supportive it seems when Jeevitha questioned about this they said it is just entertainment.! Sometimes Rose Murali used to have sex with affair girl – WTF!!

On Saturday, he had dropped his wife at the hospital after which she left the hospital around 11.30 am & she had taken the suburban train from the Tambaram to reach the beach while travelling she has called his Mom, brother & informed about her situation, Ganesh convinced her sister told you to go home first, Jeevitha did not respond & cuts the call he keeps on trying to call her by the time train crosses the Saidapet from Guindy. Jeevitha jumped into the Adyar river from the train suddenly. Other passengers have been scattered by this.

Some dragged the risk chain and stopped the train. But in that time, Jeevitha drowned in the river. Immediately fire department came to the spot and landed in the river and rescued the jivita. But he was able to restore his lifeless body.

Railway police registered suicide as a casual suicide for jeevitha’s suicide. Parents and friends who have lost their daughter have requested justice for Jeevitha.

Jeevitha’s mother tearfully asked her to take action against Rose Murali and her family under the dowry harassment and female abuse act.

Jeevitha’s mother said the next step was to report to the Chennai Police Commissioner. They also complained that they wanted to recover an elderly child.

However in this modern era it is very hard to find this kind of girls who barely dedicates their live, love, life & time to their beloved husband. But this Rose doesn’t know the value of Jeevitha’s love & went behind another girl to cover it up his parents started to ask more dowry. I think her calmness Rose used it to other-way.

Now Jeevitha’s brother, family, relations & friends want #JusticeforJeevitha to put Rose Murali in Jail for life time-please show your support.

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